Lynn Erwin MFT - Counseling Services


Lynn Erwin M.A. MFT #44848
2774 Jefferson St.
Carlsbad, CA 92008
My office is located in the Village of Carlsbad and offers a peaceful and comfortable environment to explore issues that are contributing to distress in one's relationships and life. I utilize a compassionate and collaborative approach to therapy and I have experience working with individuals, children, couples, families and adolescents who are in need of support from a caring professional. 
As a therapist, I believe that everyone has the capacity to change the negative behavioral and communication patterns that contribute to stress and dissatisfaction in one's relationships. I practice an individualized approach that takes into consideration my client's personal needs, comfort level and background. 
My caring approach has helped my clients to reduce the troubling symptoms of:
                                  * marital discord/divorce
Finding a therapist is a very personal decision and it is vital to have a trusting and comfortable therapeutic relationship. For this reason, I offer a free 20 minute consultation to meet and determine if the fit is a good one.
Don't delay any longer in making positive changes in your life. Call me today at 760-445-6731 to make your appointment!

Military Families Welcome
Tricare Provider

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